Kale Williams Studio offers a seasonal collection of original artwork for immediate use on apparel, textiles, paper goods, beauty, interiors and more. Designs are exclusive to the buyer and always created by hand. All artwork is scanned at a high resolution for easy use by mills or designers. 

Please write to to book an appointment to see the collection. 

Design services for project specific purposes are also available. 


At the Kale Williams Studio experience and craft inspire one another to create prints that are at once unique, yet also warmly familiar.

New York city based founder, Kale Williams values an authentic, hand made method of design. Allowing the process to influence the product, each individually drawn, or painted, pattern speaks to a collection that is both elegant and thoughtful. The studio’s finished products capture these original inspirations with care and detail, while also providing mills and CAD teams easy to use files.      

Kale Williams grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan, the daughter of a children’s book illustrator, and the granddaughter of a modernist sculptor. The magic and whimsy of her adventurous childhood finds its way into her distinct patterns, often leaving the viewer with a joyful, optimistic outlook. Kale Williams lives the same way she designs: full of inspiration and curiosity.

During the past ten years Kale designed in house for major NYC brands. Her original patterns can be seen on runway, mass market and in accessories. They were consistently top sellers in their categories and expressed the same joie de vive that now flourishes at Kale Williams Studio.

Above all, Kale Williams Studio layers together artistic tradition and imaginative reinvention, in order to produce pieces that are precise and beautiful.